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andra Hendler is an internationally recognized illustrator and painter.
She is a graduate of The Philadelphia College of Art, now called
The University of the Arts. Her work has been published in magazines and publications like: Time, Rolling Stone, Playboy, Esquire, GQ, Entertainment Weekly, The Chicago Tribune, Miami Herald, The Washington Post, Penguin, and The Atlantic Monthly Press. She has won numerous awards for her illustrations including: The New York Art Directors Annual and The Art of Playboy. Sandra was featured in a one-woman show at the Andrew Usiskin Contemporary Art Gallery in London and galleries in Philadelphia and New York. Some of these paintings, which are very large in size are featured on this website under the sub-heading titled; Paintings.

After a successful career as an illustrator, Sandra decided to combine her love and knowledge of antique jewelry with her original miniature paintings in classical combinations including: the eye of a lover, Memento Mori paintings and other unique designs. In addition, she
has an incredible inventory of antique jewelry, which she has acquired world-wide for sale in her Etsy stores: Mercury’s Moon and Moons Curious Items. Her fascination with Victorian jewelry, symbolism and sentimental pieces in particular combined with her miniature paintings and incredible attention-to-detail have made Sandra’s works truly unique among her peers. She has a large number of followers from her Etsy stores and a network of like-minded friends and crafts-persons around the globe.

You may contact Sandra regarding an Etsy purchase, miniature
or painting commission at: shendlerlloyd@yahoo.com