© Sandra Hendler 2018

This is a beautiful antique sterling silver locket from France (Napoleon III era) I love the crossed elements around the bezel-typical of that period. Inside the locket I've put a miniature (not a reproduction, hand painted by me in oil on canvas in 2014) of a blue eye. I've collected antique jewelry for years-entranced by the gorgeous workmanship & fabulous designs. I longed to purchase an original Lover's Eye piece, but they were thousands of dollars, so I decided to paint my own & put them in the antique lockets I'd collected. Which is how my line of hand painted modern paintings combined with antique jewelery was born. Since then I've included skulls, heraldic designs, Queen Bees & royal hearts in my collection. This locket measures 3/4 inches in diameter and an additional1/4 inch for the hanging loop. It's in lovely condition. The reverse is plain black. I wear these grouped with other charms & amulets as I show in my second & third pictures & they always elicit very positive responses. Click here to buy this item at my Etsy store.