© Sandra Hendler 2018

This is a round rose gold (gold filled) locket from the Edwardian era which has convex bubble glass on both sides. It measures 1 & 3/8ths of an inch in diameter with an extra 1/4 inch for the hanging loop. It is 3/8ths of an inch deep. Under the glass I've placed an original oil painting (by me, painted in 2013, not a reproduction) of a plump juicy, ruby red heart pierced by a metallic golden dagger with a drop of blood. The official symbolism throughout the ages of a heart pierced by a dagger is courage in the face of misfortune. I've collected antique jewelry for years-entranced by the gorgeous workmanship & fabulous designs. I longed to purchase an original Lover's Eye piece, but they were thousands of dollars, so I decided to paint my own & put them in the antique lockets I'd collected. Eventually my line has come to include miniatures of mouths, skulls, Queen Bees, heraldic pieces, flowers, beasts & royal hearts. And that's how my line of hand painted modern paintings combined with antique jewelery was born. The reverse is plain black. Due to the depth of this piece it could easily have a lock of hair, or photograph or another sentimental memento added to the reverse side. Click here to buy this item at my Etsy store.