© Sandra Hendler 2018
This is a lovely antique 9K gold locket (hallmarked on the reverse) with a wonderful ornate hanging loop & slightly domed glass. It measures 1 & 7/16ths inches long with an additional 5/8ths of an inch for the decorative piece from which the hanging loop is attached, by 1 & 3/16ths of an inch wide. Under the glass I've placed an original oil painting (by me, painted in 2010, not a reproduction) of a heraldic shield with a crescent moon & a star & a gold metallic crown & embellishments around it on a black background. This is the family crest of The Dark Moon. I've collected antique jewelry for years-entranced by the gorgeous workmanship & fabulous designs. I longed to purchase an original Lover's Eye piece, but they were thousands of dollars, so I decided to paint my own & put them in the antique lockets I'd collected. Eventually my line has come to include miniatures of mouths, skulls, Queen Bees, heraldic pieces, flowers, beasts & royal hearts. And that's how my line of hand painted modern paintings combined with antique jewelery was born. Click here to buy this item at my Etsy store.