© Sandra Hendler 2018
This is another type of Georgian gold locket I love- a rounded rectangular shape, with slightly domed crystal or glass (I'm not certain which). I've had smaller versions of this type & this one is a lovely size. It is a 9K rose gold locket which is beautifully made & in very good condition.There is a tiny scratch on the glass (noticeable in photos because they are enormously magnified, but actually barely discernible). The locket measures 7/8ths of an inch long with the hanging loop adding an extra 5/32nds of an inch, by 5/8ths of an inch wide and 7/32nds of an inch deep. It looks fabulous worn with other charms & displays beautifully. Inside the glass or crystal I've placed an original (painted by me in 2014) oil painting of a skull. The reverse is plain black & this locket has the depth to add a curl of hair or photo. Click here to buy this item at my Etsy store.